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Got a new game? Tired of searching around where your saved game files are? Not sure what various files from different directories you need to backup? Just visit If you have more information or want to submit a game that isn’t in the database yet, contact GSLDB here.

** A note for XP users that in order to view the Application Data folder you MAY have to do the following: Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View > Hidden files and folders > Show hidden files and folders

And for Vista: You may not be able to access the your save file because of permission problems. You may have to make yourself an Administrator as well as provide yourself “read” and execute” permissions for your home folder located at “C:\Users\[user]\”. You will need to right click that folder and go into properties and change your security settings.

On Vista, if you right click the icon in ‘my games explorer’ it should have a link to the save game folder

You may need to show hidden files and folders: